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Christened 1995 April 6th (by Queen Elizabeth II)  

Entered service in 1995, Oriana is the longest-serving ship in P&O Cruises. At 69153 tons, she was one of the largest cruise ship in the world when built, but nowadays becomes the second smallest ship in the fleet. She was also the second ship in the history of P&O to bear the name Oriana (which was the nickname for Queen Elizabeth I), after the majestic SS Oriana that left P&O Cruises in 1986.

This nicely designed ship resembles traditional ocean liners, having many amenities similar to the former Canberra. It has a elegant and timeless feeling, with much outdoor space, plus a broad Promenade and Lido Deck. The coexistence of classic features and modern facilities make Oriana one of the most popular ships dedicated to the British cruise market.

In 2006, a refurbishment was taken place in Bremerhaven, Germany, which added one more restaurant to the ship. Some facilities were renovated, and all cabins received new furniture. Registry also changed from Britain (London) to Bermuda (Hamilton). Since 2011 November, Oriana became an adult-only ship after removing the children rooms.

Oriana holds the Golden Cockerel as being the fastest ship in P&O current fleet, with a record of over 26 knots in trials. She sails in Europe (including the British Isles, Scandinavia, the Canary Islands, the Mediterranean) in summers, and often goes to the Caribbean in winters. World cruises are operated every year which typically last for around three months.

Entered Service 1995 April 9th
Builder Meyer Werft, Papenburg (Germany)
Original Cost UK£200 million
Registry Hamilton, Bermuda
Gross Tonnage 69153 tons
Length x Beam x Draft 261.0 x 32.2 x 8.2 (m)
856.1 x 105.6 x 26.9 (ft)
Speed 24 knots
Passenger Decks 11
Number of Cabins
(Inside / Oceanview / Balcony)
941 (331, 480, 130)
(Standard Occupancy /
Full Occupancy)
1880 / 1980
Total Crew 789
Navigation Officers British
IMO Number, Call Sign 9050137, ZCDU9
Sister Ships /
History 1995- : Oriana (P&O Cruises)

(Unless otherwise specified, information about Oriana in this virtual ship tour was correct at the time of publishing after the author travelled on the ship in July 2010.)

Click on different decks to view the details:
Deck 3 / Deck 4 / Deck 5 / Deck 6 / Deck 7 / Deck 8 / Deck 9 / Deck 10 / Deck 11 / Deck 12 / Deck 13 / Deck 14

Deck 3
Nearly all areas on Deck 3 are crew-only, except the Tender Embarkation Platforms which are located amidships. They can only be accessed from the midship staircase. At ports where the ship is unable to dock at the quayside, passengers embark the tenders here and are taken ashore.

Tender Embarkation Platform

Deck 4 (G Deck / Granada Deck)
The only facility on Deck 4 is the Medical Centre. Besides the embarkation gangway is sometimes located on this deck.

Medical Centre:
It is placed forward and can be reached from the forward staircase. During consulting hours, the medical staff are available for consultation and charges will be made.

Deck 5 (F Deck / Formosa Deck)
There are both inside and outside passenger cabins on Deck 5. The front desk, Cruise Sales and Loyalty Desk, and Garden Court are located amidships.

Garden Court:
It is the lowest level of the four-deck-high atrium with a soft waterfall behind.

Reception Desk:
The Reception Desk is open 24 hours for all the general enquiries. Services such as foreign exchange and postage are also provided.

Cruise Sales and Loyalty Desk:
Located opposite to the Reception Desk, it is for passengers to plan for their future sailings with P&O Cruises. The staff will also answer enquiries on the Peninsular Club, which is the cruise line's loyalty club.

Garden Court

Reception Desk

Cruise Sales and Loyalty Desk

Deck 6 (E Deck / Ellora Deck)
Deck 6 consists of inside and outside cabins, as well as the Queen's Court, Emporium, Knightsbridge and two main dining rooms.

Queen's Court:
Surrounded by the shops, the Queen's Court is the second level of the atrium. Sometimes promotion items from the Knightsbridge are sold here.

The Emporium in Queen's Court is the corner shop on Oriana, selling books, postcards, stationeries, snacks as well as daily necessities.

The Knightsbridge boutique has two levels, where the lower level is located on Deck 6, next to the Emporium. It offers large variety of souvenirs and fashions. Daily opening time is advertised in the ship's daily paper.

Queen's Court Queen's Court Emporium
Knightsbridge Knightsbridge Launderette

The Peninsular Restaurant and The Oriental Restaurant:
Taking their names from the company (P&O, Peninsular and Oriental Steam Company), the two formal dining rooms are located amidships (The Peninsular Restaurant) and at the stern (The Oriental Restaurant) of Deck 6 respectively. They are non-smoking and have tables for two, four, six or eight people. Only the Peninsular Restaurant is open, without reservations, for breakfasts, lunches and afternoon teas. In the evening both restaurants have two seatings for dinners, at 18:30 and 20:30. The galley is situated between them. Guests dine in the Oriental Restaurant should remember that the venue can only be reached from the aft staircase.

Ellora Deck Hallway (Mini Art Gallery)

The Peninsular Restaurant

The Peninsular Restaurant





The Oriental Restaurant

The Oriental Restaurant

Deck 7 (Promenade Deck)
Deck 7 is the deck for many public rooms, including the theatre, the lounge, a ballroom, several bars, the casino, Photo Gallery and the Tours Office. The Promenade is also located on this deck. There is a crew-only sports area with a small swimming pool at the very forward end.

Theatre Royal:
Situated forward of Deck 7, the 674-seat Theatre Royal is the largest indoor venue on the ship for performance. It is equipped with latest audio-visual technology and individual air conditioning at each seat. Production shows and a large variety of entertainment are performed here every night. It can also be used for lectures and port talks.

Royal Court:
The third level of the atrium is named Royal Court. Sales promotion is often held here.

Tours Office:
The Tours Office at the Royal Court is the counter for booking shore excursions. Details of tours at each port of call can be found with the help of the shore excursions team.

Theatre Royal

Theatre Royal

Theatre Royal


Royal Court


Tours Office

The upper level of the Knightsbridge boutique, on Deck 7 in the Royal Court, is the shop selling duty-free items such as jewellery, perfumes and cosmetics.

Celebrations and Florist Desk:
It is a counter in the Royal Court for ordering a range of gifts, flowers, cards or celebration packages for various special occasions, such as birthdays or anniversaries.

The Anderson's is a lounge named after Arthur Anderson, the co-founder of the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company. The midship L-shaped room is full of classical paintings and furniture to provide an atmosphere of a British gentlemen's club.



Celebrations and Florist Desk

Anderson's Anderson's Anderson's

Monte Carlo Club:
The small casino on Oriana is located at the starboard side of Deck 7. There are both slot machines and gaming tables, which provide games such as Roulette, Blackjack, Poker. It is only open when the ship is in international waters due to governments' regulations.

Harlequins is the ballroom onboard and is at Deck 7 midships. It serves as the dance floor for ballroom dancing in the evenings as well as disco dancing at late nights. There is a small bar at its back.

Photo Gallery:
The hallway at the port side of Deck 7 aft, outside Lord's Tavern, is the Photo Gallery. Passengers can purchase their own portraits or photos of Oriana taken by the ship's photographers. Other photography items are also sold here.

Monte Carlo Club Monte Carlo Club

Promenade Deck Hallway




Photo Gallery

Lord's Tavern:
Lord's Tavern is a bar with sports theme, decorated with cricket memorabilia. It is a place for singing karaoke, playing bingo or watching live sports through satellite TV. There is also outside seating area at the starboard side of the Promenade.

Pacific Lounge:
Located aft of Deck 7, the Pacific Lounge is another entertainment venue. It is smaller than Theatre Royal but is multi-functional. In the daytime it acts as a place for various enrichment classes, while cabaret or comedy shows are featured at night. The Captain's Gala Party is also held here.

Made of teakwood floor, the wide Promenade wraps around the entire ship with lots of deck chairs for passengers' relaxation. One circuit of it is 485 metres.

Lord's Tavern

Lord's Tavern


Pacific Lounge

Pacific Lounge Crew Sports Area

Deck 8 (D Deck / Devanha Deck)
The forward and aft end of Deck 8 are passenger cabins, and various public rooms occupy the rest of the deck. From bow to stern, there are the top level of the atrium, a bar, an alternative restaurant, the Library, card room, cinema, Art Gallery and the Terrace Pool.

Tiffany Court:
It is the highest level of the atrium, with its top fitted with a dome of Tiffany glass. Bounded by the Tiffany's Bar and the Curzon Room, the melody from piano creates an elegant atmosphere that makes Tiffany Court to be one of the best place to take formal portraits on the ship.

Tiffany's Bar:
Positioned at the forward section of Deck 8, Tiffany's Bar is famous for its chocolates and speciality coffees and is a popular place for a pre-dinner drink.

Oriana Rhodes at the Curzon Room:
After Oriana's refurbishment in 2006, the original Curzon Room becomes "Oriana Rhodes at the Curzon Room". It is an alternative restaurant that offers contemporary British cuisine and is created by the celebrity chef Gary Rhodes.
[Since 2011 November, the restaurant was renamed Ocean Grill at the Curzon Room which is endorsed by world-renowned restaurateur Marco Pierre White. Reservations are required and a cover charge applies.]

Tiffany Court

Tiffany Court



Tiffany's Bar

Oriana Rhodes at the Curzon Room
[before 2011]
Oriana Rhodes at the Curzon Room
 [before 2011]

Named after former P&O director Sir Andrew Crichton, this large and quiet room at starboard side amidships is designated for board and card games. Bridge tournaments and quizzes are often held here.

Next to the Crichton's is the Library, which contains wide range of books that can be borrowed out. A librarian is on duty every day for assistance. Daily sudoku and crosswords are also available.

The Thackeray Room:
Named after the 19th-century English novelist William Makepeace Thackeray who was a former passenger of P&O in 1844, the refined Thackeray Room is adjacent to the Library and is a good place for reading books or writing postcards.



The Thackeray Room

Chaplin's Cinema:
With nearly 200 seats, the aft Chaplin's Cinema shows different films every day, from the latest blockbusters to old classics. Two figurines of Charlie Chaplin, the well-known British comic actor, stand at the entrance. It also acts as a venue for lectures, talks and port presentations.

Art Gallery:
The hallway at the port side of Deck 8 is the Art Gallery. Artworks in different styles are displayed and can be purchased through art auctions. Another smaller Art Gallery is located on Deck 6, which is the hallway outside the Peninsular Restaurant.

Chaplin's Cinema

Chaplin's Cinema

Art Gallery

The Reef Children's Club (Outer Space / Decibels / Peter Pan's):
A number of rooms at Deck 8 aft are specially designed for children and teens. Outer Space is for those between 13 and 17 years old (called H2O), Decibels for those between 9 and 12 (Scubas), Peter Pan's for those between 2 and 4 (Splashers) and between 5 and 8 (Surfers). They are open every day until as late as 23:00. Children have their own daily activities and events onboard which is known as "The Reef". Computer games are also provided.
[As Oriana was converted into an adult-only ship in late 2011, these rooms were removed and became a number of passenger cabins.]

Children's Play Area and Paddling Pool:
There are outdoor playing areas for children, positioned just behind the children's rooms.
[These two features were also removed in the refurbishment in 2011.]

Outer Space [before 2011]

Decibels [before 2011]

Peter Pan's [before 2011]




Peter Pan's [before 2011]

Children's Play Area [before 2011]

Paddling Pool [before 2011]

Terrace Pool:
The Terrace Pool is one of three swimming pools onboard. Nestled at the stern of Deck 8, it allows swimmers to enjoy the beautiful view of Oriana's aft tiered decks.

Splash Bar:
The Splash Bar next to the Terrace Pool is a bar offering refreshing ice creams and soft drinks.

Terrace Pool and Whirlpool Spa Terrace Pool Splash Bar

Deck 9 (C Deck / Canberra Deck)
Deck 9 is a deck with inside and oceanview cabins. At the stern there is the view of the Terrace Pool, and a small observation area can be found at the forward end.

Inside Cabins:
Inside Cabins (150 square feet) are located on Deck 5, Deck 6, Deck 8, Deck 9, Deck 10 and Deck 11. Each room has two lower beds, bathroom with shower and water closet, corner sofa, chair and table, vanity or writing desk, wardrobe and drawer space, air-conditioning, television, radio, telephone, hairdryer, safe, refrigerator, tea or coffee making facilities, mineral water on arrival, luxurious pamper pack, and daily steward service.

Outside Cabins:
Outside Cabins (150 square feet) are located on Deck 5, Deck 6, Deck 8, Deck 9, Deck 10 and Deck 11. Each room has all the facilities and items same as those in an Inside Cabin, and also a picture window or a porthole instead of a picture mirror. In addition to above, each Deluxe Outside Cabin on Deck 9 even has lounge area with sofa and a bathtub in bathroom.

The free-of-charge Launderettes are for passengers' use. They are located at Deck 6 forward, Deck 9 aft and Deck 11 midships. Detergents, fabric softeners, irons and ironing boards are provided.

Inside Cabin

Observation Area

Canberra Deck Forward Staircase

Terrace Pool View Terrace Pool View Launderette

Deck 10 (B Deck / Britannia Deck)
Deck 10 is the only deck with Suites, Mini-Suites and balcony cabins. At the stern there is the outdoor area, and a wedding chapel is located at the forward end.

Deluxe Balcony Cabins:
In addition to all the furniture and facilities that Deluxe Outside Cabins have, Deluxe Balcony Cabins (250 square feet) also have floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors leading to balcony with table and reclining chairs, as well as atlas and binoculars in the room. They can be found on Deck 10 only.

Sixteen Mini-Suites (368 square feet) are located midships of Deck 10. Additional features include bathroom with whirlpool bath, lounge area with sofa, armchairs and table, coffee machine, DVD player, bathrobe and slippers, iron and ironing board, trouser press, magazine and newspaper selection upon arrival, fruit basket, flowers, champagne and chocolate on arrival, and also daily canapés. Eight Mini-Suites at port side are respectively named "Britannia" (B140), "Canton" (B142), "Commonwealth" (B144), "Malwa" (B146), "Nepaul" (B156), "Strathaird" (B158), "Tanjore" (B160) and "Vectis" (B162), whereas eight at starboard side are named "Caledonia" (B141), "Ceylon" (B143), "Macedonia" (B145), "Mooltan" (B147), "Ophir" (B157), "Stratheden" (B159), "Trident" (B161) and "Medina" (B163).

Eight Suites (497 square feet) are located amidships of Deck 10. Additional features include butler service, a separate bedroom, walk-in dressing area, guest bathroom and a mini stereo. Suite guests also get priority embarkation and their own lounge in the Southampton cruise terminal. Four Suites at port side are named "Chusan" (B148), "Hindostan" (B150), "Sunda" (B152) and "
William Fawcett" (B154), while four at starboard side are named "Carthage" (B149), "Himalaya" (B151), "Nyanza" (B153) and "Valetta" (B155).

Wedding Venue:
The Wedding Venue at forward of Deck 10 is the onboard chapel for official marriage at sea or for renewal of vows. Wedding ceremonies are conducted by the ship's Captain.

Terrace Pool View

Britannia Deck Hallway

Britannia Deck Midship Staircase

Deck 11 (A Deck / Arcadia Deck)
Deck 11 is the highest deck with passenger cabins. The bridge is situated at the forward of this deck. At the stern, the Terrace Pool can be overlooked.

Terrace Pool View

Arcadia Deck Aft Staircase


Deck 12 (Lido Deck)
As the name suggests, Deck 12 is where the swimming pools are located. The Riviera Pool and Crystal Pool can be found at midships. At the forward end there are an alternative restaurant, the spa, gymnasium, tennis court and outdoor observation area. A buffet restaurant and the Terrace Bar are at the aft.

Oasis Spa:
Occupying the forward end of Deck 12, the Oasis Spa consists of a beauty salon, several treatment rooms, an indoor whirlpool spa together with sauna rooms. It offers an array of beauty and spa treatments to passengers for a modest fee.

Positioned at the starboard side of the Oasis Spa, the Gymnasium has floor-to-ceiling windows and features a lot of health and fitness facilities, as well as a large aerobics area. Many fitness classes including body toning, yoga, mobility and stretch are also provided every day under the guidance from certified instructors.

Deck Tennis:
An open-air mini tennis court is placed at Deck 12 forward. In front of it is an observation area overlooking the bow of the ship.

Oasis Spa

Oasis Spa

Oasis Spa (Oasis Salon)




Oasis Spa (Treatment Room)

Oasis Spa (Whirlpool Spa)


Gymnasium Deck Tennis Observation Area

Al Fresco:
At the starboard side of Deck 12 forward, Al Fresco is another informal restaurant other than The Conservatory. It is a pizzeria which offers various pizzas and pastas as the speciality. It is open for nearly 24 hours every day, from "early starter" in the morning, "day menu" in the afternoon, to "light bites" in the evening and even "late snacks" at midnight.

Riviera Pool:
The second swimming pool on Oriana is known as Riviera Pool. Situated forward of the midship staircase, it is accompanied by two whirlpool spas and a small performing stage. Numerous deck chairs around this outdoor pool make the area be popular with loungers.

Riviera Bar:
The Riviera Bar is just outside Al Fresco and opposite to the Riviera Pool. It offers ice creams and drinks for passengers who sunbathe and swim nearby.

Crystal Pool:
The Crystal Pool is another open-air swimming pool on Deck 12 which is positioned outside The Conservatory. Deck chairs are placed on two sides for sunbathing and relaxing.

Al Fresco

Riviera Pool

Riviera Pool




Riviera Bar

Crystal Pool

Crystal Pool

The Conservatory:
The Conservatory is a casual self-service buffet restaurant at the aft end. Normally it is open from 06:30 to 21:00 for continental breakfast, full English breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. Each evening there is a special theme for the buffet dinner, such as seafood, Italian, Indian and much more.

Terrace Grill:
At most evenings, the port side of The Conservatory becomes Terrace Grill (in the past known as Le Jardin Bistro). It is a reservation-only alternative restaurant that offers an informal dining experience in the relaxed surroundings.
[Terrace Grill is now renamed Sorrento which delivers Italian dishes, in which a cover charge applies.]

Terrace Bar:
The outdoor area of The Conservatory situates the Terrace Bar. It is a place that can overlook the tiered decks and enjoy the view of the ship's wake.

The Conservatory

The Conservatory

Terrace Grill (before 2011)




Terrace Bar

Terrace Bar

Terrace Pool View [before 2011]

Deck 13 (Sun Deck)
Deck 13 is the highest deck that can be reached by elevators. Indoor facilities include a lounge, a reading room and a computer room at the forward end. There are also Golf Nets, Football and Cricket Nets at midships, and the aft area for shuffleboards and deck quoits.

The Crow's Nest:
The Crow's Nest is the name of the observation lounge on a number of P&O ships, with no exception on Oriana. Situated high at the forward of Deck 13, the lounge enjoys panoramic sea views in daytimes, while at nights piano recitals are usually held here. There are two small stages and a dance floor, and a model of Ranpura (a former P&O ship) is placed behind the bar desk. Together with the Pacific Lounge on Deck 7, The Crow's Nest is another venue for the Captain's Gala Party.

Medina Room:
Named after the early 20th century P&O ship Medina, the Medina Room at the starboard side of Deck 13 forward is a room for reading and writing. Small-scale lectures, talks or enrichment activities are also held here.

Cyb@study is the Internet centre on Oriana and is located at the port side, opposite to the Medina Room.

The Crow's Nest

The Crow's Nest

The Crow's Nest




The Crow's Nest

Medina Room


Golf Nets & Football and Cricket Nets:
They are located amidships on Deck 13, between the Riviera Pool and the Crystal Pool, and are enclosed in nettings. Balls, rackets and golf clubs are provided.

Shuffleboards and Deck Quoits:
Area at Deck 13 aft under the funnel is reserved for shuffleboards and deck quoits, two of the most popular activities on cruise ships.

Jogging Track:
The outdoor jogging track surrounds most area of the Sun Deck and Lido Deck. It can overlook the two midship swimming pools, as well as the Terrace Pool at the stern.

Football and Cricket Nets

Golf Nets

Riviera Pool View




Crystal Pool View

Shuffleboards and Deck Quoits

Jogging Track

Deck 14 (Observation Deck)
Deck 14 is the highest passenger deck with only the forward section, accessible by the outdoor stairs from Deck 13. At the forward end is the fantastic view of the bow.

Observation Deck

Observation Deck

Riviera Pool View

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