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Christened 1997 June 3rd (by Bodil Garmann Wilhelmsen)  

Being the 13th ship in the history of Royal Caribbean International and also the 4th ship in the Vision Class, Rhapsody of the Seas is a vessel that was built as part of the company's major expansion since mid-1990s.

Rhapsody of the Seas was constructed in France and entered service in 1997. At the time of debut, she was one of the largest passenger ships in the world with 78491 tons. She has almost 1000 staterooms and can carry more than 2400 passengers at most.

Like other ships in the fleet, Rhapsody of the Seas is suitable to all kinds of travellers with wide range of facilities onboard. She has two swimming pools, two restaurants, several bars and lounges, library, card room, casino, a promenade of shops and so on. Definitely there are also the Viking Crown Lounge and a rock-climbing wall, which are exclusive features of Royal Caribbean. The active atmosphere makes the ship family-friendly, but numerous artworks on different decks also create an elegant feeling.

The ship started her Far East itineraries in 2008. Nowadays she sails in the Pacific region year-round, including cruises in Alaska, Hawaii, South Pacific and Australia.

Entered Service 1997 May 19th
Builder Chantiers de l'Atlantique, St. Nazaire (France)
Original Cost US$275 million
Registry Nassau, The Bahamas
Gross Tonnage 78491 tons
Length x Beam x Draft 278.9 x 32.2 x 7.7 (m), 914.9 x 105.6 x 25.3 (ft)
Speed 22 knots
Passenger Decks 11
Number of Cabins
(Inside / Oceanview / Balcony)
999 (407, 363, 229)
(Standard Occupancy /
Full Occupancy)
1998 / 2435
Total Crew 765, International
Navigation Officers International
IMO Number, Call Sign 9116864, C6UA2
Sister Ships Grandeur of the Seas, Enchantment of the Seas, Vision of the Seas (Royal Caribbean International)
History 1997- : Rhapsody of the Seas
           (Royal Caribbean International)

(Unless otherwise specified, information about Rhapsody of the Seas in this virtual ship tour was correct at the time of publishing after the author travelled on the ship in February 2008.)

Click on different decks to view the details:
Deck 1 / Deck 2 / Deck 3 / Deck 4 / Deck 5 / Deck 6 / Deck 7 / Deck 8 / Deck 9 / Deck 10 / Deck 11

Deck 1
Deck 1 is the lowest passenger-accessible deck. Except the medical facility and tender stations which can only be reached by the midship elevators and staircase, most area on this deck is crew-only.

Medical Facility:
Basic medical services are provided here with charges.

Tender Stations:
They are the gates where passengers board tenders and go ashore at anchor ports.

Deck 2 (B Deck) A Rhapsody Of Jazz
Deck 2 is the lowest deck with passenger cabins. Inside and oceanview staterooms can both be found.

Interior Staterooms:
Interior staterooms can be found on Deck 2, Deck 3, Deck 4, Deck 7 and Deck 8. In each room there are two twin beds or a queen-size bed, sitting area with sofa, private bathroom with shower, vanity area and hairdryer, as well as mini-bar, television, radio, telephone and individually controlled air-conditioning.

B Deck Hallway

B Deck Forward Elevators

Deck 3 (A Deck)
Deck 3 is also a cabin deck. Same as Deck 2, there are both inside and oceanview staterooms.

Oceanview Staterooms:
Oceanview staterooms can be found on Deck 2, Deck 3 and Deck 4. Each room has all the features same as an interior stateroom, and also a picture window or two portholes.

A Deck Midship Elevators

Deck 4 (Promenade Deck) A Walk Down Memory Lane
The lobby of the ship lies amidship of Deck 4, with the Champagne Bar next to it. The forward end of this deck comprises inside and oceanview cabins, while the aft end is the two-tier main dining room.

Similar to other Royal Caribbean ships, the midship Centrum is the lobby of Rhapsody of the Seas and the main entrance for embarkation. It spans seven decks and is surrounded by a number of public rooms as well as two panoramic lifts. Being the interior focal point of the ship, there is a large kinetic sculpture called "Diadem", which features an astrological theme, suspending overhead from the ceiling.

Centrum Centrum Promenade Deck Midship Staircase

Champagne Terrace and Champagne Bar:
The 46-seat Champagne Bar is situated beside the ground level of the lobby and offers champagnes as well as other non-alcoholic drinks. Together with seating areas in the nearby Champagne Terrace which accommodate 202 guests, guests can enjoy music played by the ship's musicians.

Floral Cart:
Appeared irregularly in the lobby, the Floral Cart is a kiosk for ordering flowers and other celebration items for special occasions.

Champagne Terrace Champagne Terrace Champagne Bar

Edelweiss Dining Room:
The main dining room on Rhapsody of the Seas is called Edelweiss. It spans two decks (connected by a spiral stair) and has a capacity of 1200 guests. The interior decoration is warm with the use of floral patterns and soft lighting. Breakfasts, lunches, dinners with two seatings and late night suppers are all provided here every day.

Edelweiss Dining Room Edelweiss Dining Room Edelweiss Dining Room

Deck 5 (Main Deck)
Deck 5 is one of the decks with public facilities. The main dining room, the theatre, the casino and the front desk can all be found here.

Guest Relations Desk:
The purser's desk on Rhapsody of the Seas is at the forward side of the Centrum on Deck 5. It opens 24 hours for all general enquiries.

Explorations! Desk:
The Explorations! Desk is the shore excursions desk and is beside the front desk. Passengers can find the details of all the tours at different ports and make the booking here. It also provides foreign exchange services.

Guest Relations Desk Explorations! Desk Main Deck Midship Staircase
Centrum Centrum Centrum

Broadway Melodies Theatre:
Being the principal performing venue on the ship, the two-tier Broadway Melodies Theatre at the forward end has a capacity of 870 guests. Contemporary musical stage productions and other shows performed by guest entertainers are scheduled here twice per evening, for passengers with different dining times. There is good sightline from most of the seats in this showlounge.

Edelweiss Dining Room:
The balcony level of the two-tier Edelweiss Dining Room is at the aft end of Deck 5.

Broadway Melodies Theatre Broadway Melodies Theatre Broadway Melodies Theatre

Casino Royale:
The large, astrologically themed casino can accommodate 282 people and is situated amidships, connecting the theatre and the Centrum. Besides 165 slot machines, there are also video poker, blackjack, roulette, Caribbean stud poker, baccarat and many more.

The teakwood Promenade surrounds Deck 5 (port side is no-smoking area, starboard side is smoking area) and is the place where muster stations are situated. It does not complete a full circuit and is passenger-free at the forward end. Along it are many two-deck high, light green glass walls which are the public rooms on Deck 5 and Deck 6.

Casino Royale Promenade Promenade

Deck 6 (Mariner Deck)
More indoor public facilities are located on Deck 6. They include the upper level of the the theatre, two lounges, a bar, a number of shops and much more.

Broadway Melodies Theatre:
Balcony level of the Broadway Melodies Theatre can be accessed from Deck 6. Multiple entrances result in fewer bottlenecks.

Shall We Dance Lounge:
Other than the Broadway Melodies Theatre, the 575-seat non-smoking Shall We Dance Lounge is the second entertainment venue for the Captain's Welcome Aboard Reception, live music dancing and many other activities. It overlooks the wake from the stern through the large, aft-facing windows, and contains many mechanical sculptures enclosed in glass cases.

Shall We Dance Lounge Shall We Dance Lounge Shall We Dance Lounge

Moonlight Bay Lounge:
At the port side aft is the Moonlight Bay Lounge. With a capacity of 100 guests, it has an enjoyable atmosphere for relaxing and hosting many activities.

Schooner Bar:
The Schooner Bar has 145 seats and is at the starboard side, opposite to the Moonlight Bay Lounge. It is a nautically themed bar and features many artworks that provide a feeling of a seagoing voyage.

Conference Center:
The Conference Center is between Moonlight Bay Lounge and Schooner Bar. It can house 176 people and is suitable for organizing various events, such as meetings, lectures, talks and enrichment classes.

Card & Games Room:
Adjacent to the Conference Center is a Card & Games Room, which contains a full selection of playing cards and board games for guests' use with a refundable deposit.

Moonlight Bay Lounge Moonlight Bay Lounge Card & Games Room

Schooner Bar Schooner Bar Centrum

Ben & Jerry's and Café Latte-tudes:
They are two kiosks located near the Centrum, next to the Photo Shop. Ben & Jerry's is an ice cream parlour which offers ice cream, sundaes and smoothies with nominal fee. On the other hand, Latte-tudes is a small café which offers light snacks and drinks.

Logo Souvenir Shop / Jewelry & Gift Shop / Fashion & Formal / Liquor & Sundries / Perfume Shop:
The asymmetric promenade of shops and boutiques is located forward of the Centrum. A wide variety of logo merchandise, fashion, duty-free items such as liquor, jewelry, watches and cosmetics are sold.

Photo Gallery and Photo Shop:
All photographs taken by the ship's photographers throughout the voyage are displayed in the Photo Gallery, and passengers can purchase them in the Photo Shop. Photo services are provided here. Photography items, from cameras, films to batteries and memory cards, are also available for sale.

Art Gallery:
The Art Gallery at the starboard side of Centrum balcony displays many paintings, which can be purchased in art auctions.

Centrum Ben & Jerry's Café Latte-tudes
Promenade of Shops and Boutiques Photo Shop Art Gallery

Deck 7 (Commodore Deck) Rhythm From Around The World
Deck 7 is composed of passenger cabins (inside and balcony cabins), as well as the Card Room and the Library at the two sides of the Centrum.

Situated at the starboard side amidships, the Library provides a large collection of books and magazines, as well as daily trivia sheets and sudoku puzzles. It is also a writing room and, from 21:00 to 01:00 each evening, used as a cigar bar called Cigar Aficionados (minimum age is 21 years old).

Card Room:
Opposite to the Library is the Card Room. This room now becomes the Treasure Club, which is the Casino High Roller Room.

Library Commodore Deck Midship Staircase Centrum

Superior Balcony Staterooms:
The Superior Balcony Staterooms on Deck 7 have all the features in inside or oceanview cabins, plus a private balconies.

Deck 8 (Bridge Deck) A Touch Of Classical
Deck 8 has a similar layout as Deck 7. The Internet centre and the future cruise desk are located
amidships, and the rest of the deck is passenger cabins (inside and balcony cabins). As suggested by the deck name, the bridge is situated at the forward end on this deck.

Royal Caribbean Online:
Also known as Explorer's Club or Explorer's Lounge which is at the port side amidships, it is the Internet centre that is open 24 hours a day. Passengers who want to stay connected can surf the Internet and check emails here, and different pricing packages are available.

Crown & Anchor Study:
The Crown & Anchor Study is at the starboard side of the Centrum. It is a desk, with a consultant called Loyalty Ambassador, for passengers who would like to join the Crown & Anchor Society (Royal Caribbean's loyalty club), or book future cruises in advance to receive discounts and benefits. A model of Enchantment of the Seas (another cruise ship of Royal Caribbean in the Vision Class) is placed at the entrance.

Royal Caribbean Online Crown & Anchor Study Crown & Anchor Study

Grand Suites and Junior Suites:
Both Grand Suites and Junior Suites can be found on Deck 8. In each room of these two categories, there are two twin beds, a private balcony, sitting area with sofa bed, a private bathroom with bathtub, vanity area and hairdryer, as well as television, radio, telephone, refrigerator and mini-bar. All the 12 Grand Suites at the forward end are named after Caribbean islands, including "Antigua" (8006), "Aruba" (8008), "Curacao" (8012), "Trinidad" (8014), "Puerto Rico" (8016), "Nassau" (8018), "Barbados" (8506), "St. Thomas" (8508), "Martinique" (8512), "St. Maarten" (8514), "Bermuda" (8516) and "Guadeloupe" (8518).

Family Suites:
2 Family Suites are located on Deck 7 and another 2 on Deck 8. Each has two bedrooms, two bathrooms (one with bathtub), living area with double sofa bed and bunk bed, a private balcony, plus all the amenities available in lower grade cabins.

Owner's Suites:
5 Owner Suites are located at the forward end of Deck 8, and are named after music composers such as "Chopin" (8000), "Beethoven" (8002), "Stravinski" (8004), "Hayden" (8502) and "Debussey" (8504). Each Owner's Suite has a queen-size bed, private balcony, private bathroom with bathtub, a separate living area with queen-size sofa bed, plus all the amenities available in lower grade cabins.

Royal Suite:
The largest cabin on Rhapsody of the Seas is the Royal Suite and is located at the starboard side of the forward end, just behind the bridge. Apart from the private balcony, it has a separate bedroom with king-size bed, a living room with sofa bed and vanity dressing area, private bar area with dining table and refrigerator, a baby grand piano, private bathroom with whirlpool tub,
plus all the amenities available in lower grade cabins.

Centrum Centrum Centrum

Deck 9 (Sun Deck)
Deck 9 consists of both indoor and outdoor public facilities. There are pools and whirlpools, the spa and fitness center, and a buffet restaurant.

Centrum Sun Deck Forward Elevators Sun Deck Forward Staircase

Windjammer Café:
The 710-seat Windjammer Café occupies the forward end of Deck 9 and provides panoramic views of the bow. Same as that on others ships of Royal Caribbean International, the Windjammer Café is an alternative, casual dining venue for self-service buffets. It offers breakfasts, lunches, dinners, as well as early-bird coffee in the morning and teatime snacks in the afternoon. There are both indoor seating area and outdoor area (near the Main Pool).

Main Pool and Whirlpools:
The outdoor Main Pool (maximum depth of 1.7 metres) is located amidships, with 4 whirlpools and many sunloungers adjacent to it. There is also a Pool Bar offering drinks and snacks.

Windjammer Café Windjammer Café Windjammer Café

Main Pool and Whirlpools Sun Deck Pool Bar

The Solarium lies in between the Main Pool and the Fitness Center, and is covered by a retractable roof known as Crystal Canopy. It has a design based on Egyptian theme, and comprises an indoor pool (maximum depth of 1.7 metres) and 2 whirlpools, which are reserved for guests 16 and older only. There is also the Solarium Café at the port side and aft of the Solarium that offers snacks such as pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs and French fries.

Rhapsody Day Spa:
A number of health spa facilities are available in the beauty salon called Rhapsody Day Spa, which occupies all the aft section on this deck. There are a Beauty and Hair Salon, treatment rooms, steam room and sauna, which all have the magnificent views from the stern in a relaxing environment. Services here include massages, reflexology, facials and teeth whitening.

Solarium Solarium Solarium Café

Rhapsody Day Spa Solarium (Table Tennis) Solarium

Deck 10 (Compass Deck)
Deck 10 is the highest deck with public facilities except the Viking Crown Lounge. Features include the playing rooms for children and youth, the Jogging Track, the Rock-Climbing Wall and a gymnasium.

The forward end is the observation deck. Below a glass pyramid is the Windjammer Café.

Jogging Track:
The outdoor Jogging Track surrounds the Observatory, Youth Area and Teen Center, the Main Pool area and the Crystal Canopy. 1 kilometre is equal to two and a half laps. There is also area for shuffleboards.

Observatory Jogging Track Jogging Track

Main Pool and Whirlpools

Main Pool and Whirlpools

Jogging Track
Viking Crown Lounge Centrum Funnel

Adventure Ocean Youth Area:
At port side forward, the Youth Area can accommodate 40 people. Qualifies staff here provides age-appropriate activities for kids that mix education with entertainment, for example, Adventure Science, Adventure Art, sports tournaments, theme parties and more. They are based on seven separate age ranges: Royal Babies (6-18 months), Royal Tots (18-36 months), Aquanauts (3-5 years), Explorers (6-8 years), Voyagers (9-11 years), Navigators (12-14 years) and Teens (15-17 years).

FantaSEAS Teen Center:
The Teen Center at starboard side forward can house 40 people, and offers a wide variety of activities from scavenger hunts to video arcade games for kids.

Video Deck (V-Deck):
Originally known as the Video Arcade, this room is next to the Teen Center, and provides arcade games for the enjoyment of kids.

Rock-Climbing Wall:
Being one of the most well-known features on Royal Caribbean's ships, the 30-feet Rock-Climbing Wall on Rhapsody of the Seas is on Deck 10 aft, behind the funnel. No reservation is required and the staff will give full instructions to users.

ShipShape Fitness Center:
The Fitness Center is located aft and only accessible by the staircase from the Spa one deck below. It provides modern sports equipment and gymnasium amenities for passengers who would like to stay fit on the ship. Fitness classes such as yoga and aerobics are also organized.

Adventure Ocean Youth Area

Adventure Ocean Youth Area

FantaSEAS Teen Center

Video Arcade ShipShape Fitness Center

Rock-Climbing Wall

Deck 11 (Viking Crown)
The highest deck on Rhapsody of the Seas is the Viking Crown Lounge, an exclusive feature of Royal Caribbean.

Viking Crown Lounge:
Reached by the midship staircase and elevators, the Viking Crown Lounge has 250 seats and 360° panoramic vistas. It is an observation lounge in the daytime but turns into a disco at night. It can overlook the Main Pool area and Jogging Track in the front, and also the Crystal Canopy and the Solarium at its back.

Viking Crown Lounge

Viking Crown Lounge

Viking Crown Lounge


Viking Crown Lounge

Main Pool View

Aft View

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