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Entered Service 1998 October 17th  

SuperStar Leo was the first megaship ordered by Star Cruises and entered service in 1998. Together with younger sister SuperStar Virgo, they were the flagships of Star Cruises for the Asian cruise market. In 2004, Norwegian Cruise Line acquired the ship and renamed her as Norwegian Spirit.

She had many specially designed features to suit the needs of both Asian and Western passengers. The interior decor mixes East and West in its design and colour combinations, and so as the names of many public rooms. There was a wide range of onboard facilities and activities, as well as many dining options providing different styles of cuisine.

The ship was suitable to passengers of all ages, especially young couples and families with children, who want to enjoy a contemporary, very casual and freestyle cruising experience.

SuperStar Leo was the pioneer of cruise travel in Asia. From 1999 to 2004, she was based in Hong Kong year-round. Short cruises no longer than 7 nights to China and Vietnam were operated. There was also a short period of time in 2003 that she sailed for the Australian market.

Builder Meyer Werft, Papenburg (Germany)
Original Cost US$350 million
Registry Panama City, Panama
Gross Tonnage 75338 tons
Length x Beam x Draft 268.3 x 32.2 x 8.1 (m), 880.0 x 105.6 x 26.6 (ft)
Speed 24 knots, 25.5 knots (maximum)
Passenger Decks 10
Number of Cabins
(Inside / Oceanview / Balcony)
983 (374, 217, 392)
(Standard Occupancy /
Full Occupancy)
1966 / 3044
Total Crew 1196, International
Navigation Officers Scandinavian
IMO Number, Call Sign 9141065, 3FOX8
Sister Ships SuperStar Virgo (Star Cruises)
History 1998-2004: SuperStar Leo (Star Cruises)
2004- : Norwegian Spirit (Norwegian Cruise Line)

(Unless otherwise specified, information about SuperStar Leo in this virtual ship tour was correct at the time of publishing after the author travelled on the ship in August 2003.)

Click on different decks to view the details:
Deck 3 / Deck 4 / Deck 5 / Deck 6 / Deck 7 / Deck 8 / Deck 9 / Deck 10 / Deck 11 / Deck 12 / Deck 13

Deck 3
Deck 3 has the tender boarding area which is accessible from the midship staircase and elevators. The rest of this deck is crew-only restricted area.

Deck 4
Deck 4 is the lowest passenger deck. There are some inside and oceanview cabins, the Medical Centre and tender boarding area which is located amidships.

Medical Centre:
Positioned beside the forward staircase, the Medical Centre provides basic and charged medical services onboard. It is open daily at posted hours.

Deck 5
Deck 5 is the lowest deck with passenger accommodations. Inside and oceanview cabins can be found from the forward to midship area.

Inside Staterooms:
Inside Staterooms are located on Deck 4, Deck 5, Deck 6, Deck 8, Deck 9, Deck 10 and Deck 11, ranging from 130 to 221 square feet. Each has two single beds, bathroom with shower and toilet, vanity area, storage space, air conditioning, television, telephone, safe deposit box and hair dryer. Bathroom amenities such as soap, shampoo and shower caps are available.

Oceanview Staterooms:
Oceanview Staterooms are located on Deck 4, Deck 5, Deck 6, Deck 8 and Deck 9, ranging from 143 to 167 square feet. They have same features as Inside Staterooms, plus either portholes or a windows.

Deck 6
Inside and oceanview cabins are located at the forward end which are accessible from the forward staircase. Two main dining rooms are also situated on this deck.

The Garden Room:
With a capacity of 320 guests, The Garden Room is located amidships and can only be reached by the midship staircase. Being one of the two main restaurants on SuperStar Leo, it serves family-style Chinese cuisine for breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Cantonese dim-sum is offered in the daytime.

Windows Restaurant:
Reached by the aft staircase only, 605-seat Windows Restaurant is another main restaurant which enjoys panoramic view of the ship's wake. The aft section is two-deck high, with huge cathedral-style windows. It serves Western and Asian cuisine for breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Both traditional and open seatings are operated for dinners.

Deck 7
Deck 7 is a level completely composed of indoor public rooms. There are the atrium, the theatre, several alternative restaurants, bars, as well as the casino.

The Promenade:
The wrap-around teakwood promenade is ideal for strolling, where 1 lap is equivalent to a distance of 560 metres. There is also a forward viewpoint at the bow, which is open when the ship is not sailing.

Grand Centrum:
Spanning from Deck 7 to Deck 12, the midship Grand Centrum is a six-deck-high main lobby. It has three panoramic elevators, and is surrounded by a number of bars and shops. A double staircase connects Deck 7 and Deck 8.

The Reception is located at the base of the atrium. It operates 24 hours daily which acts as front office, concierge and tour desk. Foreign exchange services, reservations of shore excursions and business services are provided.

Moulin Rouge:
Moulin Rouge is the principal showroom on the ship. It has a capacity of 899 guests and has a revolving circular stage. The two-tier venue provides excellent views at all seats without obstruction to sightlines by columns. Production shows and cabaret acts are shown here every evenings.

The Promenade Grand Centrum Moulin Rouge

Situated beside the Lobby Boulevard, Taipan is a 102-seat Chinese à la carte restaurant for lunch and dinner. It has traditional Hong Kong-style items, such as dim sum, and decorations.

Lobby Boulevard:
The Lobby Boulevard is the hallway at the starboard side on Deck 7, connecting midship atrium and aft area.

The Café:
The Café is located at the port side amidships and next to the Grand Centrum. It has 37 seats and is the lobby lounge which serves pastries, cakes, coffee and tea.

Maharajah's and Club Royale:
The casino occupies the forward end of Deck 7. It includes the large general-purpose casino called Maharajah's with gaming tables and slot machines, and a smaller member-only gaming club called Club Royale.

Henry the Black:
Henry the Black is an English pub with a capacity of 63 guests. It is located at the port side, just forward of the Reception.

Positioned at the port side of Deck 7 forward, Maxim's is a 52-seat à la carte restaurant which offers classic fine French cuisine.

Blue Lagoon:
Blue Lagoon is a 24-hour refreshment and snacks bistro which offers noodles, fried rice and other Southeast Asian dishes. It has 42 seats and is located at the starboard side of Deck 7 forward.

The Bund:
Located forward of Blue Lagoon, The Bund is the karaoke bar with 7 private rooms. 63 guests can be accommodated altogether.

Deck 8
Being the upper promenade deck, Deck 8 consists of the showlounge, two alternative restaurants, some bars and shops around the atrium, cinema, photo gallery, meeting rooms, and also passenger cabins at the forward end.

Moulin Rouge Balcony:
The balcony level of Moulin Rouge showlounge can be accessed from Deck 8, but the seats here are reserved for gaming club members only.

Positioned next to the Sunset Boulevard, 130-seat Shogun is in Japanese style and is open for lunch and dinner. There are also a sushi bar, teppenyaki grill and private tatami room.

Sunset Boulevard:
The Sunset Boulevard is the hallway at the starboard side on Deck 8, connecting midship atrium and aft area.

Ports O' Call and Star Boutique:
The shopping concourse surrounds the atrium at Deck 8. It includes the Ports O' Call souvenir shop, and the Star Boutique which sells duty-free watches, perfumes and cosmetics.

Champagne Charlie's:
Champagne Charlie's, located near the atrium, is a 59-seat champagne bar with live piano music. Varied selection of champagnes and cocktails are offered.

Business Centre / Boardroom / Meeting Rooms:
A number of rooms at the port side are available for business purposes, including the Business Centre, the 12-people Boardroom, and six meeting rooms named "Clipper", "Schooner", "Brig", "Yacht", "Sampan" and "Ketch".

The Gallery:
The hallway at the starboard side forward, outside The Picture House, is The Gallery. It sells photos taken by shipboard photographers, and also related souvenirs.

The Picture House:
Located at the starboard side amidships, The Picture House is a cinema which can accommodate up to 78 people. It screens popular movies every day, and can also be used as a theatre-style venue for meeting and corporate training purposes.

Deck 9
Deck 9 is a cabin deck. Other than inside and oceanview cabins, there are also balcony cabins and suites.

Oceanview Staterooms with Balcony:
Oceanview Staterooms with Balcony are located on Deck 9, Deck 10 and Deck 11, ranging from 195 to 217 square feet. Cabin amenities include two single beds, bathroom with shower and toilet, a private balcony, vanity area, storage space, air conditioning, television, telephone, safe deposit box, tea and coffee making facilities and hair dryer. Passengers staying in balcony cabins or above grades can enjoy priority embarkation, complimentary access to sauna and steam rooms, and priority seating at the balcony level of The Lido.

Junior Suites:
There are altogether 11 Junior Suites ranging from 396 to 471 square feet. They have a dining room with dining table, a bedroom, bathroom with bathtub and toilet, mini-bar, refrigerator, bathrobe and slippers, trouser press, and other basic features found in balcony cabins. 8 Junior Suites are situated forward of Deck 10, named "Taurus" (10008), "Capricorn" (10012), "Virgo" (10018), "Aries" (10022), "Scorpio" (10508), "Pisces" (10512), "Leo" (10518) and "Sagittarius" (10522), whereas the 3 at Deck 9 aft are named "Aquarius" (9210), "Gemini" (9212) and "Libra" (9710).

Executive Suites:
The largest accommodations onboard are the 7 Executive Suites. They have a large balcony, a separate lounge, dining area, bedroom, a large bathroom, CD and DVD player, and other features described in Junior Suites. Among them, "Shanghai" (9208) and "Tokyo" (9708) have 540 square feet each and are positioned at Deck 9 aft, while "Philippines" (10000), "Thailand" (10001), "Malaysia" (10002), "Hong Kong" (10500) and "Singapore" (10502) are located forward of Deck 10 and have 650 square feet each.

Deck 10
Deck 10 has plenty of balcony cabins, suites and also some inside cabins. Children facilities can be found at the aft end.

Buccaneer's Wet & Wild:
The Buccaneer's Wet & Wild at the stern of Deck 10 is a children's water-theme park, complete with a swimming pool, pirate ship and caves. There are also a whirlpool spa and a paddling pool. Passengers can enjoy the beautiful view of the ship's aft tiered deck.

Buccaneer's Wet & Wild

Starlight Video Arcade, Disco and Cinema:
Situated at the port side of Deck 10 aft, Starlight Video Arcade, Disco and Cinema provides video games and
daily scheduled activities for children.

Charlie's Child Care Centre / Computer World:
Positioned at the starboard side of Deck 10 aft, Charlie's Child Care Centre is a children's playroom and nursery. Besides a room full of cots for children to use for sleepovers, there is also the Computer World which is a computer learning centre.

Deck 11
Deck 11 is the highest cabin deck, with balcony and inside cabins. The navigation bridge and a viewing gallery is at the forward end, whereas the Amphitheatre is situated aft.

Captain's Bridge Viewing Gallery:
A small gallery is located behind the bridge and can be reached by the spiral stairway in Galaxy of the Stars one deck above. Passengers can see the captain and bridge officers at work and the display about the history of Star Cruises and SuperStar Leo.

The aft Amphitheatre overlooks the children's pool area. Passengers can also play table tennis here.

Deck 12
Deck 12 is made up of both outdoor and indoor facilities, including the buffet restaurant, an outdoor swimming pool, an observation lounge, library, Internet room, card room, activity centre, an ice cream bar, a smoking room, and the large spa and fitness centre.

Raffles Buffet and Raffles Terrace:
Raffles Buffet is a casual, self-serve international buffet restaurant at Deck 12 aft, with 186 outdoor seats at the Raffles Terrace and 340 indoor seats. It is open for breakfast, late morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner (sometimes as barbecue dinner) and late night snacks.

Tivoli Pool:
Located amidships, the Roman-themed Tivoli Pool is the outdoor swimming pool, complete with four jacuzzi hot tubs (two covered and two open), a circular stage and deck chairs for sunbathers. It is also the venue for evening outdoor events like poolside live entertainment.

Raffles Buffet Tivoli Pool

Galaxy of the Stars & The Observatory:
Situated above the navigation bridge, Galaxy of the Stars at Deck 12 forward is an observation lounge by day. At night it becomes a nightclub with live music provided by bands for dancing and listening. Being able to accommodate 366 guests, it is also the lounge for Captain's Gala Reception, early morning tea and afternoon tea. A spiral stairway leads to the Captain's Bridge Viewing Gallery one deck below. On the two sides are The Observatory, separated from the main lounge by tall glass screens.

The Library & The Writing Room:
The Library and The Writing Room are at the starboard side of Deck 12 forward, with a capacity of 14 and 11 passengers respectively. They are well-stocked with a broad range of books, international newspapers and magazines, and have quiet environment which is suitable for private studies.

The Card Room and The Mahjong Room:
Two rooms opposite to the Fitness Centre are The Card Room (40 people) and The Mahjong Room (48 people). With a spectacular view of the ocean, they are ideal places for chess, mahjong, card and board games.

Activity Centre:
The Activity Centre is also located at the starboard side, in between The Writing Room and The Card Room. Board and card games are available for borrow.

Ice Cream Bar:
Positioned next to The Mahjong Room, the Ice Cream Bar offers ice cream, fresh fruit juice and desserts.

The Smoking Lounge:
The Smoking Lounge is a special designated smoking area at the starboard side of Deck 12 forward, adjoining Galaxy of the Stars. With a capacity of 15 guests, this gentleman's parlour features a varied selection of brandy as well as Cuban and Dominican Republic cigars.

Roman Spa & Fitness Centre (Universal Gym / Caesar's / Cleopatra's / Aquaswim):
Located forward of Deck 12, Apollo Spa & Fitness Centre features seven treatment rooms, two beauty rooms and a reception area. Universal Gym is a gymnasium full of muscle-toning equipment, whereas Caesar's and Cleopatra's are the steam, sauna and massage rooms for gentlemen and ladies respectively. In the Aquaswim, passengers can enjoy water aerobics in the two specially designed jet-current exercise pool.

Oscar's Hair & Beauty Salon:
Located opposite to The Card Room, Oscar's Hair & Beauty Salon provides beauty services including hairdressing, head-to-toe treatments and a wellness programme using aromatherapy.

Deck 13
The uppermost Deck 13 consists of outdoor sports facilities. There is also a bar and a disco located forward.

Celebrity Disco:
Extended entertainment can be found every night at the Celebrity Disco located at Deck 13 forward. With a capacity of 100 guests, it is a stylish discotheque which has live music.

Bier Garten:
Bier Garten is a 233-seat poolside snack bar which is situated forward of Deck 13. Covered by canvas sailcloth awning, it provides German-style food and drinks. It overlooks the Tivoli Pool one deck below.

Star Track:
The Star Track is the midship jogging track surrounding the upper level of the swimming pool area. One circuit equates to a distance of 275 metres.

Sun Deck / Sports Deck / Star Deck:
They are all located on Deck 13. The forward, spacious Sun Deck is the place for various deck games, while the aft Star Deck is the observation area for enjoying the stern's ocean view. The Sports Deck situated under the funnel offers ball games such as basketball, volleyball, mini-tennis and golf driving ranges.

The Helipad at Deck 13 aft is the helicopter landing site which enables passengers to be air-lifted in emergency cases.

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