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Entered Service 1988 May (as Seaward <II>)
2005 September 25th (as SuperStar Libra)

SuperStar Libra is the second ship in the history of Star Cruises to bear this name. The first SuperStar Libra <I> did not really exist, and was transferred to Norwegian Cruise Line to become Norwegian Star before her debut.

The ship was built in 1988 as Seaward <II> of Norwegian Cruise Line, and renamed to Norwegian Sea in 1997. In 2005, she joined Star Cruises as SuperStar Libra. In the first two years, she sailed in India and even in the Mediterranean, which was the first Star Cruises' ship to operate these itineraries. Nowadays she usually homeports in Taiwan and Southeast Asia, and occasionally in Hong Kong. Shorter cruises are operated.

The ship is best suited to first-time travellers and families with children, and particularly good for Asians. The concept of Freestyle Cruising is adopted which offers more flexibility and the feeling of big city life. There are constant activities accompanied by plenty of music, late nights entertainment and wide variety of food to suit both Asian and Western tastes.

Builder Wärtsilä Shipyard, Turku (Finland)
Original Cost US$120 million
Registry Nassau, The Bahamas
Gross Tonnage 42276 tons
Length x Beam x Draft 216.4 x 28.4 x 7.0 (m), 709.8 x 93.2 x 23.0 (ft)
Speed 19 knots, 21 knots (maximum)
Passenger Decks 10
Number of Cabins
(Inside / Oceanview / Balcony)
738 (230, 508, 0)
(Standard Occupancy / Full Occupancy)
1476 / 1800
Total Crew 680, International
Navigation Officers Scandinavian
IMO Number, Call Sign 8612134, C6DM2
Sister Ships /
History 1988-1997: Seaward <II> (Norwegian Cruise Line)
1997-2005: Norwegian Sea (Norwegian Cruise Line)
2005- : SuperStar Libra (Star Cruises)

(Unless otherwise specified, information about SuperStar Libra in this virtual ship tour was correct at the time of publishing after the author visited the ship in April 2010. Cruise Wonderland would like to express our gratitude to Star Cruises and the ship's officers in organizing the ship tour for us.)

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Deck 1
The only passenger facility on Deck 1 is the Medical Centre. The rest of the deck is restricted area for crew only.

Medical Centre:
It is situated next to the forward staircase. Basic medical services are provided at a charge.

Crew Area

Deck 2
Deck 2 is the lowest cabin deck. Inside and oceanview cabins can be found forward of this deck.

Inside Staterooms:
Inside Staterooms are located on Deck 2, Deck 3, Deck 4 and Deck 6, ranging from 103 to 169 square feet. Each has two single beds, bathroom with shower and toilet, vanity area, storage space, air conditioning, television, telephone and hair dryer.

Oceanview Staterooms:
Oceanview Staterooms are located on Deck 2, Deck 3, Deck 4, Deck 6, Deck 7 and Deck 8, ranging from 103 to 129 square feet. They have same features as Inside Staterooms, plus either portholes or windows.

Deck 2 Hallway

Crew Bar


Deck 3
Deck 3 is also a passenger accommodation deck with inside and oceanview cabins. There is also the children centre.

The children's playroom is known as Porthole and is situated forward of Deck 3. A wide variety of youth-friendly activities is provided every day.


Inside Stateroom

Deck 3 Midship Staircase and Elevators

Deck 4
Deck 4 is composed of inside and oceanview cabins at the forward end, the atrium, Reception and Guest Services Desk, Beauty Salon as well as two main restaurants.

Crystal Court:
The two-deck-high atrium is named Crystal Court, located amidships of Deck 4 and Deck 5.

Positioned amidships, the Reception is the front office which open 24 hours. It is also the cashier and the foreign exchange counter.

Guest Services Desk:
The Guest Services Desk is the concierge as well as the shore excursion desk that provides tour information.

Beauty Salon:
The midship Beauty Salon provides facial, hair and other body treatments offered by the beauty therapists and hairstylists. At the hallway outside the Beauty Salon, ship models of Seaward <II> and Windward of Norwegian Cruise Line are displayed.

Crystal Court


Guest Services Desk


Beauty Salon

Deck 4 Hallway

Oceanview Stateroom

Four Seasons Restaurant:
The midship Four Seasons Restaurant is one of the main dining rooms on the ship and has 347 seats. It offers traditional dining with selections of Western and Asian cuisine for breakfasts, lunches and dinners in open seatings.

Ocean Palace:
Another main restaurant, the 430-seat Ocean Palace, is situated aft of Deck 4 and enjoys views of ship's wake. Chinese cuisine is served for breakfasts, lunches and dinners in open seatings. It was an Indian family-style restaurant from 2005 to 2007, called Taj by the Bay.

Park Avenue:
The Park Avenue is an indoor walkway at the port side which connects the two main restaurants.

Four Seasons Restaurant

Four Seasons Restaurant

Four Seasons Restaurant


Ocean Palace

Ocean Palace

Park Avenue

Deck 5
Deck 5 is the level which comprises many public rooms. Other than the two showlounges, there are also the casinos, souvenir shop, photo gallery and the internet centre.

Stardust Lounge:
The Stardust Lounge is the principal showlounge on SuperStar Libra, which is positioned forward of Deck 5 and has the capacity of 693 passengers. It is the venue for major cabaret acts and shows every night.

Galaxy of the Stars:
Another smaller lounge, called Galaxy of the Stars, is situated aft. It can house 500 guests and is used for smaller shows and enrichment classes. Bands and solo entertaining musicians provide live music at night. It is also the venue for the Captain's Gala Reception.

Activity Centre:
The Activity Centre is at the starboard entrance of the Stardust Lounge. It acts as a library which provides books for borrow. Board and card games are also available.

Stardust Lounge

Stardust Lounge

Activity Centre


Galaxy of the Stars

Galaxy of the Stars

Galaxy of the Stars

Ports O' Call:
The shop at the port side of Deck 5 offers wide array of souvenirs, local and imported products, luxury items and daily necessities. Before 2007,
it was the Video Planet which was a room for video games.

Internet Café:
Located at the port side hallway, the Internet Café enables passengers to surf the Internet while onboard. A nominal charge applies.

Photo Gallery:
Pictures taken by the ship's photographers during the cruise are displayed and sold in the Photo Gallery, which is next to the souvenir shop.

Star Club / Club Royale / Admiral Club:
Three casinos can be found on Deck 5. Star Club is for all passengers whereas Club Royale and Admiral Club is for members only. Club Royale was originally the Ports O' Call shop and a meeting room before 2007.

Ports O' Call

Internet Café

Photo Gallery


Crystal Court

Star Club

Club Royale

Deck 6
Deck 6 is the Promenade Deck. There are inside cabins, oceanview cabins and 2 Executive Suites, as well as the Sports Deck and the jogging track.

Sports Deck:
The Sports Deck is at the stern of Deck 6. A half basketball court is situated here.

Jogging Track:
The blue-coloured wrap-around promenade can also act as the jogging track, where 1 lap is equal to 378 metres. Muster stations are located here, and shuffleboards can also be found near the aft end.

Sports Deck

Forward View

Jogging Track


Jogging Track

Jogging Track

Jogging Track

Deck 7
Being a cabin deck, there are no public facilities on Deck 7. The two largest suites on the ship, known as Executive Suites, can be found at the forward end of this deck.

Executive Suites:
2 Executive Suites (385 square feet) are located on Deck 7 and 2 more (315 square feet) are on Deck 6. They have living area with sofa, bathroom with bathtub, a separate bedroom with European duvet, dining table, refrigerator, DVD player, safe, and all other basic facilities available in lower grade accommodations.

Executive Suite Executive Suite Mahjong Tables near Deck 7 Midship Staircase

Deck 8
Deck 8 is the highest deck with passenger cabins, consisting of Junior Suites and oceanview staterooms. A discotheque is positioned at the stern.

With 132 seats, Boomer's is located at the aft end of Deck 8 and serves as the discotheque at nights.

Junior Suites:
Junior Suites can be found at the forward end of Deck 8. 3 larger ones are 228 square feet in size while the remaining ones are 172 square feet. They have living area with sofa, bathroom with bathtub, a separate bedroom, dining table, refrigerator, safe, and all other basic facilities available in lower grade accommodations.

Junior Suite Oceanview Stateroom Deck 8 Midship Staircase and Elevators



Aft Sun Deck

Deck 9
Deck 9 is made up of the Sun Deck at midships, two bars, the aft buffet restaurant and the bridge at forward end.


Bridge Wing Starboard Side

Accommodation of Senior Officers


Bridge Wing Starboard Side (Aft View)

Bridge Wing Starboard Side (Forward View)

Sun Deck (Table Tennis)

Mariners Buffet:
The aft Mariners Buffet is a casual, international buffet restaurant. There are 176 seats for the indoor area, and 88 seats each for outdoor area at West Side Patio and East Side Patio respectively. Breakfasts, morning teas, lunches, afternoon teas, dinners and late night snacks are served every day. It was known as The Saffron from 2005 to 2007 which offered Indian and Jain vegetarian buffet.

Sun Deck:
The Sun Deck is the pool area complete with two outdoor swimming pools, two whirlpool spas (twin hot tubs), as well as tables and deck chairs on two sides.

Pool Bar:
The 40-seat Pool Bar, just forward of the buffet restaurant, offers drinks and cocktails.

Lickety Splits:
Lickety Splits is an ice cream bar which is situated forward of the pool.

Mariners Buffet Mariners Buffet Mariners Buffet
Pool Pool Bar Lickety Splits

Deck 10
Deck 10 is the highest deck on SuperStar Libra. It consists of two alternative restaurants, a karaoke lounge, a bar, the gymnasium and the golf net.

Fitness Centre:
The Fitness Centre is located forward around the mast, which can only be accessible from the outside deck. There are also the sauna and the treatment rooms for massage and other personalized services.

Golf Driving Range:
The outdoor Golf Driving Range is situated very forward of Deck 10. Passengers can practise golf techniques in the net.

Coconut Willy's:
Located forward of the Sun Deck upper level, Coconut Willy's is a poolside bar with 20 seats. Drinks and refreshments are offered.

Fitness Centre

Golf Driving Range

Coconut Willy's

Sun Deck Sun Deck Sun Deck (in 2009)

Blue Lagoon:
Positioned aft of Deck 10, Blue Lagoon is a 24-hour refreshments and snacks outlet. It has 40 seats and can only be reached by the aft staircase and elevators.

Originally named Two Tree Restaurants before 2007, Taipan is a 60-seat exclusive lounge and Chinese restaurant at the port side of the aft end. It is accessible from Blue Lagoon and is only open for dinners.

Skyline KTV:
Known as The Bollywood before 2007, Skyline KTV at the starboard side is a bar and open-style karaoke lounge with a capacity of 50. It is also accessible from Blue Lagoon only.

Sun Deck Twin Hot Tubs Funnel

Blue Lagoon


Skyline KTV

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