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Entered Service 1965 March 31st  

The Oceanic was a ship operated by Peace Boat, a Japan-based international non-governmental and non-profitable organization. She was delivered in 1965 in Italy as Oceanic for Home Lines, and operated by Premier Cruises from 1985 to 2000. After serving in the Spanish cruise line Pullmantur Cruceros, she was bought by Peace Boat in 2009, sailing on global voyages to organize educational programmes, promote peace and human rights, and raise awareness on political issues around the world.

At the time of debut, she was one of the largest passenger ship in the world. She had a long and strong hull as well as a deep draft, despite a mere 38772 tons when compared with megaships today. She was originally designed as a Transatlantic ocean liner, but later became a cruise ship sailing Caribbean itineraries year-round.

Many of her designs were considered innovative or even avant-garde when introduced in the 1960s, such as balcony cabins, forward observation lounge, and lifeboats located at lower position of the hull. She was also the first ship to be fitted with a sliding glass roof over the Pool Deck, called the Magrodome. All these features are widely adopted on many modern cruise ships.

The interiors of the ship had not greatly changed when compared with the time in 1960s, even though after the operation under several cruise lines. The atmosphere of a true, classic ocean liner was well-preserved until the new millennium. She was the final remnant of Italy's golden age of liners. Unfortunately, because of the high cost of repairs and maintenance, the ship was finally sold to China for scrapping in May 2012, ending her 47 years of life.

Builder Cantieri Riuniti dell'Adriatico, Monfalcone (Italy)
Original Cost US$40 million
Registry Panama City, Panama
Gross Tonnage 38772 tons
Length x Beam x Draft 238.4 x 29.4 x 8.6 (m), 782.0 x 96.6 x 28.2 (ft)
Speed 27 knots
Passenger Decks 8
Number of Cabins
(Inside / Oceanview / Balcony)
572 (319, 232, 21)
(Standard Occupancy /
Full Occupancy)
1144 / 1550
Total Crew 500, International
Navigation Officers International
IMO Number, Call Sign 5260679, 3EUQ5
Sister Ships /
History 1965-1985: Oceanic (Home Lines)
1985-1985: Royale Oceanic (Premier Cruises)
1985-2000: Star/Ship Oceanic (Premier Cruises)
2000-2000: Big Red Boat I (Premier Cruises)
2000-2009: Oceanic (Pullmantur Cruceros)
2009-2009: Oceanic (Peace Boat)
2009-2012: The Oceanic (Peace Boat)
2012: sold for scrap in Zhoushan, China

(Unless otherwise specified, information about The Oceanic in this virtual ship tour was correct at the time of publishing after the author visited the ship in October 2010. Cruise Wonderland would like to express our gratitude to Peace Boat in organizing the ship tour for us.)

Click on different decks to view the details:
Deck 3 / Deck 4 / Deck 5 / Deck 6 / Deck 7 / Deck 8 / Deck 9 / Deck 10 / Deck 11

Deck 3 (Bahamas Deck)
Deck 3 is the lowest passenger-accessible deck with both inside and oceanview cabins. The midship and aft section on this deck are disconnected.

Deck 4 (Atlantic Deck)
Deck 4 comprises the Reception, inside and oceanview cabins. There are also many staircases leading to Deck 3 and Deck 5.

Reception (Recepción):
Located amidships of Deck 4, the Reception is the front desk on the ship for all general enquiries.



Deck 5 (Restaurant Deck)
Inside and oceanview passenger cabins can be found at the aft end of Deck 5, whereas the main dining room and the infirmary are situated amidships and forward respectively.

Seven Continents Restaurant (Restaurante Siete Continentes):
The Seven Continents Restaurant is the main dining room on the ship and has a capacity of over 800 people. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all served here.

Infirmary (Enfermería):
The Infirmary is positioned forward which can only be accessed from the forward stairway. It has basic medical facilities and the ship's doctor provides consultations here.

Seven Continents Restaurant

Restaurant Deck Hallway

Deck 6 (Continental Deck)
The only amenity on Deck 6 is the Beauty Salon. Other area on this area is inside and oceanview cabins.

Beauty Salon & Massage Room (Salón de Belleza & Sala de Masajes):
The midship Beauty Salon & Massage Room provides hairstyling and cosmetic treatments to passengers.

Beauty Salon & Massage Room

Deck 7 (Lounge Deck)
Most of the indoor public rooms on can be found on Deck 7. There are the showroom and lounge at forward and aft respectively, as well as some bars, the Shop, the Seminar Room and the Photo Gallery.

Broadway Showroom (Salón Broadway):
The 600-seat Broadway Showroom at the forward end is a multi-purposed room for shows, lectures, talks and various functions.

Shop (Tienda):
Located at the port side behind the Broadway Showroom, the Shop acts like convenience store and also offers souvenirs of Peace Boat.

Card Room:
The Card Room is situated at the starboard side, behind the Broadway Showroom. There are several Mahjong tables and chessboards for the traditional Chinese and Japanese chess "Go". The room was originally a shop (when the ship was operated by Pullmantur Cruceros) or the Teen Center (when operated by Premier Cruises).

Broadway Showroom


Card Room

Lucky Star Lounge (Discoteca Lucky Star):
The Lucky Star Lounge is a midship lounge and has around 100 seats, which is used for gatherings and small-scale evening entertainments.

Free Space:
As the Lucky Star Casino in the past, the area adjacent to Lucky Star Lounge now becomes a free space for big functions or parties after Peace Boat removed the gaming tables and slot machines.

Lucky Star Lounge Lucky Star Lounge Free Space

Peace Boat Center:
The starboard side of the Lucky Star Lounge is a study room called Peace Boat Center, where passengers can self-study, surf on Internet or have seminars here. The showcasts outside display many souvenirs dedicated to Peace Boat by different ports or cities. The room was originally the Milky Way Shops in the days of Premier Cruises and Pullmantur Cruceros.

Tour Desk (Oficina Excursiones):
This was the Shore Excursions Office when the ship was under the banner of Pullmantur Cruceros, and now it is used as a reception for some functions.

Photo Gallery (Galería Fotográfica):
The midship hallway on Deck 7 is the Photo Gallery. Peace Boat uses it to display the pictures taken at different exotic ports that the ship has visited.

Seminar Room:
Located at starboard side in front of the Heroes & Legends Pub, the Seminar Room is a place for group discussion. The room was formerly a shop selling the pictures at Photo Gallery in the time of Pullmantur Cruceros.

Peace Boat Center Peace Boat Center Tour Desk

Heroes & Legends Pub (Pub Héroes y Leyendas):
Heroes & Legends Pub is a small bar in front of the Starlight Cabaret and has a capacity of 100 people.

Starlight Cabaret (Discoteca Starlight):
Serving as the disco, the 300-seat Starlight Cabaret at the aft is the largest lounge on the ship which has a spacious dance floor and live piano music.

Tiki Bar (Bar Tiki):
The outdoor Tiki Bar is at the aft of Deck 7 and offers light snacks and drinks.

The Promenade on The Oceanic is in the form of "enclosed veranda", a common feature of ocean liners sailing Transatlantic routes in the past. There are also muster stations on both port and starboard sides.

Heroes & Legends Pub

Heroes & Legends Pub

Starlight Cabaret


Starlight Cabaret

Tiki Bar Promenade

Deck 8 (Premier Deck)
Inside cabins and suites (some with partially obstructed views) can be found on Deck 8. At the stern there is a sports area and the Children's Play Center.

Children's Play Center & Children's Recreation Area (Sala de Juegos Infantil & Área Recreativa Infantil):
There is a large room at the aft of Deck 8 serving as the playing areas for children. Peace Boat still keeps this room unchanged although it seems to be unnecessary.

Sport Deck:
The Sport Deck is an outdoor
area behind the Children's Play Center for mini-soccer, basketball or tennis. Originally it was the Children's Pool (Piscina de Niños).

Children's Play Center

Sport Deck

Deck 9 (Pool Deck)
Deck 9 is composed of a buffet restaurant, a library, several bars, two swimming pools and whirlpools. A few inside cabins and Veranda Suites can also be found.

Sunrise Terrace (Comedor Panorámico Sunrise):
The buffet restaurant on The Oceanic is positioned forward of Deck 9, which enjoys great view of the bow. Breakfasts and lunches are served here. It is decorated with posters of many ocean liners in history.

Satellite Café (Café Satellite):
The Satellite Café behind Sunrise Terrace now becomes an Izakaya, a type of Japanese bar, named Nami-Hei (波へい) that offers Japanese food and drinks.

Library (Sala de Lectura):
The former Premier Room is now a small Library which is located at the starboard side of Deck 9 forward.

Sunrise Terrace Satellite Café Library

Riviera Pools (Piscinas Riviera):
There are two swimming pools named Riviera Pools on Deck 9. They are located amidships and bounded by a small performing stage and deck chairs for sunbathing. The outdoor pool area can be sheltered by the magrodome in poor weather conditions.

Actor's Bar (Bar Actors):
Actor's Bar is a small bar located at the starboard side, behind the Riviera Pools, that offers ice cream and drinks.

Deli Corner Pizzeria (Tropicana Deli):
A pizzeria can be found at the port side, behind the Riviera Pools, that offers sandwiches and pizzas.

Tropicana Bar (Bar Tropicana):
With around 30 seats, the Tropicana Bar is another bar on Deck 9, positioned between the Actor's Bar and Deli Corner Pizzeria.

Whirlpools (Jacuzzis):
Three open-air small whirlpools are situated aft of Deck 9.

Riviera Pools Actor's Bar Whirlpools

Deck 10 (Sun Deck)
Deck 10 is the highest passenger-accessible deck. There are 8 Deluxe Veranda Suites at the forward end, which are named Aries (Aries), Capricorn (Capricornio), Pisces (Piscis), Libra (Libra), Sagittarius (Sagitario), Gemini (Geminis), Aquarius (Acuario) and Leo (Leo) respectively. There are also the indoor Gymnasium and outdoor Jogging Track.

Gymnasium (Gimnasio):
Situated at the forward end of Deck 10 near the Deluxe Veranda Suites, the Gymnasium is a fitness centre which has various sports facilities for physical training.

Jogging Track (Pista de Footing):
The outdoor Jogging Track surrounds the open deck from midships to aft, from which the pool area on the lower deck can be seen.

The magrodome is in fact a sliding transparent glass roof positioned over the Riviera Pools. It can be opened automatically to shade the pool area in inclement weathers and be fully retractable during sunny days. The Oceanic was the first cruise ship in the world to have this feature.

Gymnasium Magrodome & Jogging Track Funnel

Deck 11 (Bridge Deck)
Deck 11 is the highest deck on The Oceanic which consists of the bridge area and cabins for navigation officers. It is normally not open to passengers.

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