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Date: 2012/03/24
Port: Hong Kong
Berth: Ocean Terminal (south outer berth), Tsim Sha Tsui

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Unless otherwise specified, information in this article was correct at the time of publishing in March 2012.

About Amadea

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About the Visit

Amadea Arrived in Hong Kong Visitor Pass Technical Specifications

Local cruise enthusiasts and those in other Asian countries should be familiar with Amadea. Formally named Asuka and operated by Asuka Cruise in Japan, she was once the best cruise ship in Asia for 15 consecutive years from 1991 to 2006. Premium cruise vacations were provided to mature Japanese passengers which mainly sailed to various ports in Japan. Longer voyages such as Asia Pacific cruises and world cruises were also offered. In those years, she had visited Hong Kong for a number of times and the last time was in January 2006.

Asuka was soon sold to Phoenix Reisen, a German cruise line based in Bonn. In February 2006, she underwent a one-month conversion in a shipyard at Yokohama and was renamed Amadea. The maiden reposition cruise set sail in March, calling at Japan, China, Hong Kong and finally arrived Europe in summer. She revisited our city again in her 2010 World Cruise.

Amadea sailed into "The Pearl of Orient" for the third time this year as it was one of the ports in her 2012 World Cruise. Coming from Shanghai, she arrived in the morning of 23rd March and berthed overnight at Ocean Terminal. I would like to thank Benjamin Krumpen, the Managing Director of Phoenix Reisen, for organizing a visit for me and two colleagues. This was my first time to be onboard a vessel of this cruise line.

The tour was in the afternoon on 24th March. In that morning we had to visited Saga Ruby at China Merchants Wharf. I have never tried visiting two ships within the same day. Fortunately the two schedules did not clash. After disembarking Saga Ruby, we rushed from Kennedy Town to Tsim Sha Tsui and boarded Amadea at around 13:30.

One of the crew from the Entertainment Team met us at the gangway and subsequently led us to different decks. We went to almost all the public areas and took quite a lot of pictures of various amenities onboard. Amadea just received a major refit in Blohn + Voss Shipyard at Hamburg in late 2011 with a number of new facilities added. Nevertheless, many Japanese features are still preserved. We could find several Asuka Cruises' logo around the vessel, such as at the Reception and at the gangway. Many artworks in the hallways and staircases are also the original ones created by Japanese artists. Moreover, a room on Deck 9 is known as "Asuka", though the traditional Japanese tatami flooring had been removed for housing a table tennis table now. The entire German ship has a very Oriental atmosphere, and should be more upscale and distinct when compared with her fleetmates Albatros and Artania.

Since Hong Kong was not a turnaround port, we were not able to access any passenger cabins. After more than an hour of walk between decks, we were invited to have a afternoon tea buffet. Finally we disembarked at 16:30. Amadea departed at just before 19:00 that night, one hour later than the planned time. The next port of call of her 139-night World Cruise would be Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. I look forward to seeing her as well as other Phoenix vessels in our city again in the coming future.

Souvenir from Port of Hamburg
Japanisches Zimmer "Asuka"
Gangway Boutiquen Amadea at Ocean Terminal

Afternoon Tea

We were provided with the opportunity to have some refreshments after the ship tour. From 15:30 to 16:30, afternoon tea buffet was served in the Amadea Restaurant located aft of Deck 8. I had never seen a buffet with so many types of cakes, cookies and sandwiches. It was absolutely fabulous, better than on many other major cruise lines in terms of quality of food and number of choices.

Phoenix Reisen is so kind to dessert lovers. All these pastries are my favourites! I really wanted to savour each of them, but eventually just chose some special ones. The service here was also rather good. Most of the waiters are Filipinos though they must be able to speak German. They were very friendly and quite surprised to see three of us, who were rare Asian visitors onboard.

If you want to know more about the cuisine on Amadea, you may take a look at the lunch menus of both Vier Jahreszeiten Restaurant (Four Seasons Restaurant, which is the main dining room on Deck 5) and Amadea Restaurant. They are shown in the next section.

Coffee & Tea
Salmon Sandwich (Lachs) Salami Sandwich (Salami) Cream Cheese Sandwich (Frischkäse)
Nut Cake (Nußkuchen) Cherry Marble Cake (Kirsch-marmorkuchen) Coffee Cream Cake (Kaffeecreme-kuchen)
Fruit Cake (Früchtekuchen) Nougat Cake (Nougattorte) Cheesecake (Käsekuchen)
Pineapple Cake (Ananaskuchen) Cake for Diabetics (Diabetiker-torte) Apple Pie (Apfelkuchen)


Daily Programme

Restaurant Menus

Lunch (Vier Jahreszeiten Restaurant)

Lunch (Amadea Restaurant)

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